John 14:1-31

In this great chapter, Jesus addresses some very important areas of life and offers hope in each of them today. In the hour of His greatest need, He takes the time to encourage the hearts of His disciples and of every person who takes the time to read and heed these words. Join me as we encounter Jesus, the great Encourager.


He speaks of:

A. A heavenly home (verse 2). Jesus tells us about a prepared place for a prepared people! While we do not have detailed information about the wonders of that heavenly city, I can tell you that when we arrive there, we will be at home! We will dwell in the Father’s house and in the Father’s presence, free from sin, sorrow, suffering, separation, or any other thing that would hinder the glory of heaven (Rev. 21:4, 27).

Paul had seen it but couldn’t find the words to describe what he had seen; therefore, he was reduced to telling us that whatever was over there was “far better” than what we have down here (Phil. 1:23).

B. A heavenly hope (verse 3). In this verse, Jesus reminds us that one day, He will return for His people. Paul sheds a little more light on this monumental event (1 Cor. 15:51, 52; 1 Thes. 4:16, 17). Men may doubt it and mock it, but Jesus is going to come again. The best advice I have for you is to be ready (Matt. 24:44)!

C. A heavenly homecoming (verse 3). The disciples are upset with the notion that Jesus is going away; therefore, He tells them that where He is going, they can also come.

John saw Him and described Him this way (Rev. 1:13-19); however, the greatest description ever penned about our risen Lord is found in Revelation 5:6. That is the Jesus we will behold in glory!


There is help from Jesus in the matter of:

A. Salvation (verses 4-11). In these verses, Jesus tells the disciples that there is only one plan of salvation for all men. He declares Himself to be the only access to God for any man! He goes beyond that revelation and says that He is, in fact, the representation of Almighty God. Jesus is the only means of salvation for all humanity! Acts 4:12; 16:31; and John 3:16 all bear testimony to the truth that salvation is found in Jesus Christ and in Him alone.

B. Service (verses 12-14). As we live in the here and now, we can rest assured that Jesus will aid us in His work. He gives us a threefold promise related to the matter of our service.

1. He will honor us. Jesus declares that we will be able to do greater works than those, which He did.

2. He will hear us. Here we are given the blessed assurance that when we call upon the name of the Lord, He will hear us in our time of need. Knowing that we do not serve alone but that we have His presence and His attention to our prayers makes serving Jesus much easier. We serve a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering God (See also Jer. 33:3).

3. He will help us. Not only does Jesus promise to hear our prayers, He also promises to move in such a way as to bring about an answer. He listens, and then He goes to work on our behalf! We serve a Lord who is able to help us in our need (Matt. 7:7, 8)!

C. Surrender (verses 15, 19-24). In these verses, Jesus speaks about our surrender to His authority. He declares that our surrender to Him should be based in love! He tells us two great truths that must not go unnoticed:

1. The proof of love. Jesus makes it clear that our obedience to Him and His Word is the absolute proof of our love to Him.

2. The promise of love. The promise to those who are obedient to the Lord Jesus is that God will manifest His love to them.

D. The Holy Spirit (verses 16-18, 26). These verses tell of the coming of the Holy Spirit. We are given several truths about Him and His ministry to believers that need to be studied today:

1. His person. Jesus promised the disciples that when He went to the Father, He would ask the Father to send the “Comforter.” This Comforter is the Holy Spirit.

2. His permanence. When the Spirit of God takes up residence in the hearts of His believers, He comes to stay forever!

3. His purpose. The purpose of the Spirit in the believer’s life is manifold. These verses describe His plans for us and His purpose in coming into us at conversion:

To indwell (verse 17). At the moment of salvation, the believer literally becomes the Temple of God. God, in the form of His Spirit, comes in and takes up permanent residence.

To empower (verse 21). He fills us with the power to live and labor for the Lord. Without Him, we could accomplish nothing of glory for Jesus’ sake. However, when Jesus fills us and leads us, we have the ability to accomplish things that would otherwise be impossible (Phil. 4:13).

To instruct (verse 26). One purpose of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to instruct us in the things of God. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches about the Bible. It is the Holy Spirit who reveals the deep things of God to us.

To remind (verse 26). When we become discouraged, the Holy Spirit in our soul rises up and wraps the comforting arms of heavenly love and protection around us and reminds us that we belong to Him. He encourages us to keep running, to keep going, to keep living for Jesus.

E. Stillness (verses 27-31). As Jesus concludes the thoughts of chapter 14, He speaks to the disciples’ troubled hearts once again. He reminds them that He is still the Prince of Peace and that just because He is leaving doesn’t mean that He will remove His peace. Here, Jesus tells the disciples that even though their world is about to be shattered, they can face it with the assurance that they have His peace to keep them during the difficult hours ahead.


I am glad that when I do not understand what is going to happen, when it seems that everything is falling apart, when I don’t know which way to turn, I can count on Jesus! He has given us all we need today. Whether the need is for salvation or for peace of heart, the remedy will be found in Him. I invite you to come to Jesus today and cast your cares upon Him.