The Year 2014 Marks The 20th Anniversary Of The Elders Digest Magazine As A Respected And Well-Liked Journal That Stands The Test Of Time Serving The Leadership Of The Worldwide Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

This special edition appropriately combines the celebration of 20 years of successful editorial venture of our magazine with the introduction to the 100th anniversary of the passing of Ellen G. White to be reminisced in 2015—as mentioned by the editor, Pastor Jonas Arrais.

The Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is engaged in the important work of providing to our pastors and other leaders of our Church the necessary resources to inspire, inform, train, and empower them at the local congregational level where most of them serve as volunteers. The Elder’s Digest magazine, one of the three journals published by the General Conference Ministerial Association, is printed quarterly with a menu of relevant articles with leadership strategies, didactic tools, health tips for elders, Seventh-day Adventist Church statements, news around the world, sermon outlines, worldwide initiatives of our Church, questions and answers, and other biblical-sound topics for leaders

Elder’s Digest was founded in 1994 and is intentionally designed to attend the needs of local church leaders around the world and to keep them focused and connected. It is prepared to help elders and company directors to grow in their skills and abilities as leaders. It is recognized as the best way to equip them while sharing and promoting church programs and initiatives at the local church level around the world.

At its inception in 1994, approximately 5,000 copies of Elder’s Digest rolled off the press and into the hands of local church elders and pastors each quarter. Today, about 100,000 copies in English are delivered each quarter. Elder’s Digest is also printed in multiple languages around the world. Overall, more than 220,000 copies are printed each quarter and delivered to over 100 countries, including all of the world divisions. And we are still growing, but with an unbearable desire to reach a greater amount of local church elders who are not receiving this valuable resource.

Beside the publication of the magazine in English, the Elder’s Digest editorial office sends each quarter to all world divisions the PDF files in advance for translation purposes. More than 200,000 leaders around the world are getting the Elder’s Digest magazine in 14 languages so far—English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian, Indonesian, Tagalog, Bahasa, Chinese, and Swahili. Praise God for His wonderful blessings and for the hard work of the Ministerial Association counterparts around the world leading the translations process into those languages!

After 20 years of uninterrupted editorial work we pause to express our gratitude to the Almighty God for His providential guidance and abundant blessings every step of the way. We also send a big THANK YOU to each one who has contributed to the honorable success we celebrate at the closing of this year—former and present editors, assistants, writers, the General Conference and Division Ministerial teams, donors, translators, copy editors, proofreaders, Web masters, summer student workers, designers, workers of our publishing houses, subscribers, advisors, and partners—including the General Conference, Division, Union, and Conference/Mission administrators. We request your patronage and prayers as we pledge our commitment for greater realizations to continue building the kingdom of God in these end times.

Alfredo Garcia-Marenko is editorial assistant for the Elder’s Digest.