Churches are finally beginning to recognize the power of the Internet for their ministries. What was once just a way to engage with the community and invite people to a church event has been completely revolutionized. Churches now do online marketing, digital evangelism, and discipleship and connect regularly with people through email, social media, and blogs.

If you are not new to church technology, this is no surprise. The issue now is: Do churches use this technology well?

One of the most difficult aspects of church technology is not how to maintain what you already have; the hard part is coming up with new things for your church to implement and getting everyone on board. Here are some things you can do to help your church have a bigger online impact.


The church Web site should include information a member or visitor might need: forms for church activities, sign-up sheets for church events, a blog to communicate your church’s heart, and an online archive for video sermons.


While a responsive Web site is an important part of every church’s programming, an app is the perfect tool for your ministry. Not only do people always carry their phones with them (thus eliminating the need for print bulletins), apps are a great way to direct people to your Web site, give them access to small-group information and prayer-group times, provide sermons to watch or listen to later—all of these things can be done within the app.


Numerous statistics say that a church that invests in online giving will see an increase in tithing and year-end revenue. Think about it: a family goes out of town but can still give. A college student does not carry cash but has a trusty debit card. An online donation page is the perfect way for your congregation to give.


A terrible Web site is definitely awful to look at, but that’s not the worst part. Terrible navigation can drive people away from your site. Not having Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features means that you are actually hidden from search engines. Unstructured content can make people feel confused and frustrated. A non-responsive Web site design makes your Web site look bad on mobile devices. A great Web site design can fix all of these problems and more. A good Web site can help your church have a more effective ministry and become more visible in the community.

YOUR OWN NEWSLETTER Too many churches are still creating print newsletters and mailing them to the congregation. Often, the mailing list is out of date, and mailing recipients may be annoyed by the process. A great online newsletter is your solution

Chip Dizárd is part of the media ministry team at New Hope Adventist Church in Fulton, Maryland. This article first appeared in Best Practice, April 13, 2014. It has been lightly edited for Elder’s Digest.