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Prepares You To Be Effective in Ministry

Chris Sealey is an ordained elder and a published author on the topic of Christian stewardship. He is the Director of HopeLives365 Online University, and also serves as Dean of Academics for the online programs.

One of the greatest needs of our church is for local leadership that is biblically informed, fully devoted to Christ, and prepared to lead. HopeLives365 Online University provides online courses developed to train and further equip elders and lay leaders to be effective in ministry, in leadership, and in sharing the love of Christ within their congregations and communities.

Those who desire to give themselves to the work of God should receive an education and training for this work, that they may be prepared to engage in it intelligently. They should not feel that they can step at once upon the higher rounds of the ladder; those who would succeed must begin at the first round, and climb upward step by step. Opportunities and privileges are granted for them for improvement, and they should make every effort in their power to learn how to do the work of God acceptably.1

HopeLives365 Online University enables you to study at your own pace, on your own schedule, on any internet-connected device, and from anywhere in the world. Learn from successful ministry practitioners, including international evangelist Mark Finley, health and wellness educator Ernestine “Teenie” Finley, and other Adventist leaders. Their collective one hundred years of knowledge and practical experience are packaged into interactive online courses in several key categories: Bible study, prophecy, health and wellness, leadership, and traditional and digital evangelism. Each course contains one or more lessons, which provide learning in a structured environment. Many lessons contain instructional videos, downloadable resources, and topical quizzes to increase comprehension and retention. Digital certificates are immediately available after successfully completing selected courses or course series. Our free monthly webinars provide live training sessions from domain experts and successful practitioners in important areas of ministry.

HopeLives365 Online University’s Bible study courses present the Word of God in a way that is accurate, clear, and applicable to the goal of increasing one’s faith and strengthening his or her Christian walk. These courses include topics for conducting Bible studies (for example, the Search for Certainty Bible lessons) to more advanced topics like prayer, salvation, discipleship, Christian stewardship, and biblical archaeology (the study of physical evidence that sheds light on people, places, events, and customs described in the Bible).

Bible prophecy online courses, based on the books of Daniel and Revelation, reveal the mysteries about God and His plan for us and our world. Discover how the Bible accurately predicts the rise and fall of nations. Learn how to interpret current events through the lens of prophecy.

Our health plays a significant part in our lives. Teenie Finley’s extensive range of health and wellness online courses explore highly important principles from nutrition to exercise and include physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. These online health courses will not only teach you what to do but how to do it.

HopeLives365 Online University’s leadership courses focus on Scripture, leadership lessons from history, academic theory, examples from years of successful ministry, and hands-on practical methods of leadership. Each course is built around a core leadership concept, explored through a distinctly Christian worldview and ministry focus.

We have the truth, but there’s no guarantee that the world will listen. We must speak words that people understand and speak them in a way that people will receive them. The instructors of the HopeLives365 online evangelism courses inform, inspire, and expand—from Scripture and their own experience—your understanding of the gospel message and how to effectively share it with others via small group ministry and personal and public evangelism. Pioneers in digital/cell phone evangelism from AWR360o developed an online course series specific to sharing the gospel using cell phones and the popular WhatsApp mobile application.

I invite you to visit HopeLives365 Online University at www.HopeLives365BibleStudy.com. Experience inspiration. Expect transformation.

1 Ellen G. White, Gospel Workers, 73.

Chris Sealey is an ordained elder and a published author on the topic of Christian stewardship. He is the Director of HopeLives365 Online University, and also serves as Dean of Academics for the online programs.