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During a recent visit to Tanzania, the Adventist World Radio team met Abraham, a wealthy Maasai cattle owner. About a year earlier, he had attended a series of evangelistic meetings and decided to be baptized. He had never learned to read or write, so when he discovered AWR’s new station in Tanzania, he was overjoyed and regularly listened to the programs on his radio.

As he listened, he learned many new things about being a faithful Adventist—from how to live a more healthful life to the importance of returning an honest tithe. Since Abraham owned more than 1,000 head of cattle and large herds of sheep and goats scattered across Tanzania and Kenya, he decided that he would strive to be faithful with all of his holdings.

So he placed his cattle in large pens and counted them as they walked through a chute. Every 10th cow, Abraham dedicated as tithe for God.

His friends and acquaintances were amazed. In their culture, wealth is measured in cattle. No one gives away their cows! As Abraham’s friends watched him repeatedly go through the numbering process, they began to mock him.

But the laughter abruptly stopped nine months later when 40 of Abraham’s cows gave birth to twins! In addition, many of his goats and sheep birthed triplets!

Recently, the president of the Tanzanian Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, Dr. Godwin Lekundayo, said that many of those who had mocked and laughed at Abraham now “want in” on the same blessings he has been receiving. They told the Adventist pastors, “We want to tithe, too, just like Abraham is doing.”

“But you’re not members of the Adventist Church,” the pastors replied in surprise.

“We don’t care! We want God’s blessings, so we want to pay tithe with our cows, goats and sheep as well!” they insisted.


In a neighboring village, a local chief built a pond. During the dry seasons he charges other Maasai cattle owners to water their stock there. One day Abraham had an inspired idea. He decided to build a larger pond and let the cattle owners water their cattle there for free. He also hired a Bible worker to preach to them about Jesus while they water their animals. The cattle owners are so grateful for the free water that they gladly listen to the messages!

So far, thanks to Abraham’s testimony, 35 Maasai have accepted Jesus and been baptized—and they all listen to Adventist World Radio! Please continue to pray for the Maasai as they hear these truth-filled messages and make decisions for baptism.

Duane McKey is the Presidente and Michele Stotz is the Communication Director of Adventist World Radio at the General Conference World Headquarters.