Not long ago, I received a phone call from a listener in León, Spain. This province is a Catholic stronghold, known as the land of blood and fire because of its intolerance of Protestantism.

The call was from a 57-year-old Pentecostal pastor, who had spent 40 years as a preacher in León. He was obviously excited. He had been listening to our local Radio Adventista FM for two years, but on this day something strange had happened.

The Holy Spirit heavily impressed on his mind the importance of the topic being presented. In a burst of emotion, the caller said, “This message should be on every radio and television around the world; everyone should know of the things happening right now!”

After he calmed down a bit, I asked him what the topic was, or at least a clue so I could identify the specific program he felt was so important. It turned out to be a broadcast of the Seventh Trumpet, a program we air regularly where current trends in the religious and political worlds are discussed.

The caller asked if he could receive a copy of Camino a Cristo (Steps to Christ), saying this book had made a profound impact on his life. He also shared that that very week he would be speaking to his congregation on the chapter of the book titled “The Most Urgent Need of the Human Being.” I quickly sent this dear brother 50 copies of Camino a Cristo and a CD with the audio of all of the topics, so he could share it with his members.

Before ending the call, the man said, “I am already a Seventh-day Adventist. I share all the doctrines and beliefs with my church!”

We can draw a couple of important points from this story. One, God has His faithful and courageous representatives even in places where it is not easy to share the gospel, and two, the prophetic message is not outdated—people all over are intently watching the developments in these latter days, and are asking questions.

Yes, the study of the books of Daniel and Revelation is relevant and will be so until the end of time.

Dowell Chow is a retired Adventist World Radio president.