If You Want To Improve Your Preaching Here Are !0 Tips That Can Help You:

1. Know your audience. Prepare a sermon that can be understood and appreciated by those who are listening.

2. Personalize your sermon. Most people will relate and respond better to your sermon when you combine facts with interesting stories and examples.

3. Respect time limits. If you find yourself running late, know beforehand what you can omit. If you run short, be prepared with additional material that complements the flow of your sermon.

4. Make a strong start. Start off right with your very first words and you’ll find that it’s easy to hold your audience’s attention for the rest of the sermon.

5. Watch your body language. It’s what you don’t say that tells the most about you.

6. Maintain eye contact. Look at your listeners when you talk, not through or beyond them.

7. Pace yourself. Speak slowly and steadily so that you can be understood.

8. Silence is not a crime. You don’t have to fill every second with words; it’s acceptable to pause and gather your thoughts or sip water before you resume speaking.

9. Work on your tone and delivery. Know when to raise and lower your voice, and which words to emphasize. Your energy is infectious, and your audience will react to it. Use your tone of voice to grab their attention and hold it.

10. Finish well. A perfect finish should not be abrupt or leave the audience wondering if there’s more to come.

These 10 tips will help you improve your sermons. And remember, your relationship with God through prayer and Bible study is the foundation of any sermon preparation and delivery.