Do holidays go unnoticed at your church? Have you walked away from services on a holiday weekend only to be reminded by the CD playing in the car that the whole world was observing the holiday except your small community of believers?

There are several reasons why this could happen. 1) Your church may be one of three or four congregations in the district and this year the pastor was scheduled to be in another church. 2) Your membership is small with limited resources for music and other talents to create unique worship experiences. 3) There may not be anyone in the congregation that feels called to be a lay preacher.

Adventist Preaching’s third Signature Edition is the answer to problems like these. A Collection of Holiday Sermons was designed to offer sermons and dramatic presentations for holidays throughout the entire year. Derek Morris in The Testimony of Melchior plays one of the Magi. His portrayal is prefaced by narration and music and, with the addition of local talent, can be a program for Christmas Eve. There’s even a Communion homily and a tribute to Veterans so local congregations can honor those in the pews who have bravely served our country. Gary Councell, director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, presents For God and Country, which can be used on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day.

No longer is it necessary for smaller churches to long for beautifully themed worship services that enhance the worship of larger churches. Through the DVD technology of Adventist Preaching and the generosity of select preachers, all churches can enjoy the same advantages. 

The 3-DVD set with a booklet of sermon notes and biographical sketches is a preaching resource for both home and church. However, the sermons by renowned preachers will ensure that your holiday services receive the attention they deserve even when your pastor is away.

So treat yourself to the very best in biblical preaching and join the host congregations as they enjoy what has become a unique bonus of Volume 24–choral excerpts from Handel’s Messiah. With them, lift your eyes towards heaven and glorify the Father by singing hymns of praise and thanksgiving, also a feature of this edition.

A Collection of Holiday Sermons was designed to reflect the spirit of significant days in your community. Check it out now so you’ll know what the possibilities are and when it becomes your responsibility as an elder to plan the worship service, you’ll have something ready to use that will combine the holiday with worship.