Sermon 3

Church Pillars

Antenor Cruz da Costa is a retired pastor in Brazil.

Even a layperson can recognize the importance of pillars in construction. In the great spiritual building of the church, there is also a need for strong, unshakable pillars.

What are these pillars? Dedicated members, full of responsibility and committed to the church program. This is how the apostles were considered (Gal. 2:9). Thanks to these fearless men who were full of the Holy Spirit, the primitive church grew until it reached the entire world with the message of Jesus.


There is no doubt that, today more than ever, the church needs consecrated men and women who are willing to commit themselves to the church program and to the fulfillment of its noble mission.

But where are these pillars? Usually, when the church is selected for a special mission, few are willing to serve, and most members hide in the crowd or behind barriers of excuses such as “I have no ability” or “I don’t know how to speak.”

If you are in the group that offers excuses but are honest in wanting to do something for Jesus, I would like to pres- ent you the following promise: Philippi- ans 4:19. The essence of this promise is: "My God shall supply all your needs ac- cording to His riches in glory by Christ Je- sus." Note that "all your needs" doesn't mean only financial need; it also includes time, ability, wisdom, talents, resources, and everything else you need to become a pillar.


A. God will provide ability. 

1. If you feel incapable of becoming a missionary, remember Moses story. He also felt incapable for the task (read Exod. 4:10). 

2. Here is God's answer, which also applies to us (read Exod. 4:12). 

3. Place yourself in God's hands and He will provide the ability. 

B. God will provide courage.  

1. If you lack the courage to witness for Jesus, remember Gideon. He wanted to present an excuse to avoid the mission (read Judges 6:15).

2. Here is the answer God gives to us today (read Judges 6:12, 16). In God’s hands we become courageous pillars in the church.

C. God will provide power.

1. If someone feels spiritually weak and wishes for more courage to use his or her talents, remember the apostles’ experience. Who were the apostles? Simple humans like us. But here is the reason for their transformation (read Acts 1:8). Through that power, they shook the world!

2. This same power is available to us. “The Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who serve Him than parents are to give good gifts to their children” (Ellen G. White, Christian Service, 251).

3. Full of this power, all will be covered with courage to work for the church.

D. God will provide wisdom.

1. If someone feels incapable or lacks wisdom, God can help (read James 1:5).


Have you noticed how faithful God is in His promises? He supplies all our needs so that we can be active participants or pillars in His church.

Don’t be stagnant before this knowledge! The church needs your talents and abilities to collaborate in fulfilling the mission of the gospel and sharing the news of Christ’s Second Coming. Free your talents (read Luke 19:29-31).

Remember that the donkey was tied to the post; if no one had set it free, it would never have been useful for Jesus. It is the same today. Too many talents are tied to the platform of commodity, laziness, excuses, or pretexts, but Jesus tells us to loosen these bonds. Why? Because the Lord needs our talents (Luke 19:31)!

Unleash your talents; Jesus and His church need them. And if you feel inadequate, remember “Jehovah Jireh”—the Lord will provide.


A man tied his boat at the river’s edge during the winter. One day he noticed the ice was melting, so he went to the boat to clean it, but the strong wind tore the boat loose from its moorings. 

He (in the boat without paddles) was swept by the current toward a dangerous waterfall.

Seeing the situation, a neighbor ran to the other neighbors and cried: “Everyone, grab a rope and follow north.” Not even knowing what was going on, people followed his emphatic order. When they got to the bridge, they saw the boat coming down the rapids. Then the leader cried: “Everyone, throw your ropes down.” They all obeyed, thus forming a net of ropes, about three feet apart from each other, and the castaway grabbed the closest rope under the bridge and was saved.

Can you imagine if the neighbor had gone alone? His rope could have been too far away, and the man wouldn’t have been able to reach it. But with everyone’s help, there were ropes everywhere, and the man was saved.

The church is like that. It is not enough for one or two to throw their ropes of salvation; in fact, it may be too little. Everyone needs to stretch their ropes to form a saving net to reach the castaways, lost in the world of sin.

Free your talents today, and throw the rope of salvation. Become a pillar in your church.

Antenor Cruz da Costa is a retired pastor in Brazil.