For 35 years, Daniel F. Roth was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor in German communities across the United States. When he passed away, his son, Don A. Roth, was sorting boxes of items that his father had collected. He discovered a sheet of paper containing 20 points of counsel for young church leaders. These counsels are still valid for leaders of every age and are particularly applicable to those who are just beginning to function as church leaders. Although Christian leadership should be characterized in positive terms, Pastor Roth's "Nos" may be considered significant factors to direct leaders toward success in caring for their churches.

1. Do not live beyond your income.
2. Do not be penurious.
3. Do not preach your doubts.
4. Do not preach so much against something, but in favor of principles.
5. Do not be tempted, no matter the occasion, to preach less than the best possible.
6. Do not consider any occupation in God's church as having more prestige than others.
7. Do not be pessimistic.
8. Do not pay attention to gossip.
9. Do not lose your temper in public.
10. Do not ignore the Bible when looking for your sermon topics.
11. Do not envy other church leaders.
12. Do not create constraining situations for other people in public.
13. Do not be artificial or sensationalistic.
14. Do not despise small things.
15. Do not neglect the sick and afflicted.
16. Do not be lazy.
17. Do not disclose secrets but maintain trustworthy confidentiality.
18. Do not stop carrying out your duties.
19. Do not allow anyone to extinguish the brightness of the message.
20. Do not forget to pray.