Think about these questions and look for answer in your Church Manual.

1. Can a person under censure take communion?

2. Should a prospective disfellowshiped member be allowed to defend himself at the business meeting?

3. Can the church board in some special situation disfellowship a member?

4. Who is responsible for the disciplining of ministers?

5. Who can be the chairman when church discipline is considered?

6. What to do when a member requests to be disfellowshiped and there is no clear reason for it?

7. What kind of discipline should be applied when a couple had sexual intercourse before getting married and that becomes known by the congregation days later?

8. What do you do when it is discovered that an elder committed adultery about seven years ago and was not disciplined?

9. Should a person who committed adultery be elected as an elder?

10. What is the proper procedure in dealing with people that are not faithful in returning tithe and offerings at the time of the election of new officers?

11. What should be done when a man abandoned by his wife gets married again without having evidence that his former wife had adultery problems?

12. What to do when an Adventist partner of a travel agency approves for the agency to be open for business or sabbath?

13. What to do if the church board recommends to disfellowship a dishonest member and the congregation votes against the motion?

14. What to do when a member was disfellowshiped and your church requests reconsideration?