It has been said that the church nominating committee is one of the most important committees of the church. Its members have the responsibility to seek out and elect leaders who will guide the congregation to fulfill its mission. The committee’s purpose is to identify and recommend church members who may perform various roles and duties for the next ecclesiastical term.

Their work is essential. The congregation is called upon to pray for their deliberations and decisions. Before the nominating committee gathers for its first meeting, it is good to list the names of the committee members in the church bulletin or newsletter. Ask the congregation to pray for wisdom for each one of them.

This is vital because the committee, by means of deciding who is nominated, strongly affects the direction, the internal work, the future mission, and the dynamism of the church. Thus it is impossible to underestimate the importance of their work.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual1 contains good suggestions regarding the nominating committee and the election process. It is always a good practice for the chair and committee members to read that section and follow the instructions presented there. For example, the Church Manual says:

“Officers are elected every one or two years (see p. 72) through an appointed nominating committee. This committee brings its report to the church, which then votes on the names presented. This procedure enables the church to give careful study to each name prior to election and avoids the competitive element that may arise when nominations are made from the floor.

The nominating committee shall study the needs of the church and inquire into the fitness of members to serve in the different offices.

This is another reason officers shall not be nominated from the floor or by general ballot.

The size of the nominating committee will range from five members in a small church to a larger number in a large church. The number to be chosen is left to the discretion of each church and should be studied by the board. A suitable recommendation then will be brought to the church, using a minimum of time in the Sabbath worship hour.”

It is always highly recommended that each member of the church nominating committee be familiar with the useful instructions of chapter 9 in the Church Manual, where you will find clearer instructions on:

  • When and How the Nominating Committee Is Appointed
  • How the Process Works 
  • Who Should Be Members of the Nominating Committee
  • Work of the Nominating Committee 
  • Members May Appear Before the Nominating Committee
  • Nominating Committee Discussions Are Confidential 
  • Reporting to the Church
  • Objections to the Report of the Nominating Committee
  • Filling Vacancies Between Elections

By following these wise guidelines, your church nominating committee members will accomplish their task with a high level of efficiency and spirituality. As a spiritual leader, you are charged by God to lead His church with knowledge and wisdom (Jer 3:15).

It is also good to remember that we are Christ’s body—His arms, hands, tongue, legs, and feet. Working as a member of a church committee is one way to serve the mission of Christ’s church. So, pray for the work of the nominating committees as they seek to serve the Lord and His church.

Be wise, righteous, and godly in your contribution and choices in this important committee. Blessings on you!

1 Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual, 19th ed. (Hagerstown, MD: Review and Herald, 2016), 110–113.