Adventist World Radio has many avenues for distributing programs today, from traditional shortwave radio broadcasts that continue to serve listeners in closed countries, to online communities built around popular social media platforms. Some of the best ideas for outreach come from our local production teams. In China, special audio players that we call “godpods” are being manufactured locally. Radio volunteers and church members personally present these players to listeners. Three days later, they return and ask the listeners, “Have you tried the player yet? If not, I must take it back and give to someone who will listen.” That personal approach is proving to be highly motivational, and it has taken very little time for the listener testimonies to start pouring in. Here we share a small sample of the letters that have touched our hearts.

Testimony 1

“I would like to sincerely thank the person who donates the players. I am a lady in my 70s. When I was young, I did not go to school, so I was not well educated. I spent most of my time taking care of children and housework. While getting old, I did not go out for recreational activities, even when I was staying idly inside.

“Usually, young men are reluctant to come into contact with an old woman like me, but one day, a young man spoke to me on the road, saying that he can deliver the gospel to me if I believe in God.

“Although I have not yet formally entered the church, I am interested in faith. Recently, this young man gave me a solar Bible player carrying poetry, Bible stories, and religious books, and told me how to use it.

“I am very grateful, because it solves my vacuity, loneliness, and boredom; I want to listen to the contents of the player more, as it can enrich my spiritual life in old age. I would like to have more contact with this young man, and believe in God with him.”

Testimony 2

“I am an unrepentant Christian, who does not even participate in gatherings. But since the church gave me a player recently, I have been listening to it every day.

“I like the poems of praise very much. I liked singing when I was young, and now I have the chance to listen to the songs and Bible stories whenever and wherever possible. Thank God for His great grace and love, and not leaving me behind! I would like to believe in God and aspire to be a repentant Christian.

“My husband has been listening to the Bible since we got the player, and he is now very fond of religious beliefs and willing to go to the gatherings with me. Thank God for bringing so much grace to our family through the player!”

Testimony 3

“I was a devout Buddhist, but also a childless elderly wretch. My son died because of work. When my husband and I were in great sorrow, we met my friend, W. She told my husband and me to believe in God. So my husband and I agreed to take the Buddhas away from our house and stop serving them. So the elders and brothers and sisters of the Adventist church came to our house to pray. Later, I was given a player to listen to the Bible whenever and wherever. My husband and I feel a lot better, and we opened ourselves and put down a lot. Thank you for the church. Thank you for the people sending the player.”

Shelley Nolan Freesland is the Adventist World Radio Communication director at the General Conference world headquarters.