Where Can I Find The Addresses Of Important Websites And Apps With The SDA Church Initiatives Or Programs?

There are a number of helpful sites and apps, depending on what your needs are. Adventist.org is the flagship website of the church, and has a wealth of information ranging from our fundamental beliefs to various statements on social issues, a list of special days, church history, and news. You can also download the Adventist News Network app to stay in touch with Adventist news from around the world.

RevivalAndReformation.org is one of the premier initiatives of the church. On this website, you may sign up for the official Bible reading plan of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This year, you may also receive a daily reading from the book Conflict and Courage by Ellen White. You can also read inspirational stories of answered prayer and personal transformation, and find a number of helpful resources to support your spiritual vitality and that of your family, your church, and your community.

TenDaysofPrayer.org is another important initiative that seeks to engage churches in a powerful corporate prayer experience. While the dates for the program are always in January, the materials are accessible throughout the year, so you can implement the program during a timeframe that works for your church. Don’t minimize this program for its power in educating a church in the spiritual discipline of corporate prayer.

The Ministerial Association has a number of helpful sites and apps which include MinistryMagazine.org, EldersDigest.org, and Shepherdess’s Journal for Ministry Spouses, which is hosted at MinisterialAssociation.org/Spouses. On these sites, you can find every issue of these journals that has ever been published! These are excellent resources for developing sermons, sharpening your skills, and helping you grow in your ministry. Ministry Magazine and Elder’s Digest also provide apps for you to easily access back issues from your mobile device. MinistryinMotion.tv also provides information and inspiration through interviews with ministry professionals from around the world. The show is produced for The Hope Channel, but access is available on-demand through the website and YouTube.

AdventistArchives.org contains a tremendous number of different resources if you are interested in historical research and church history. The church also makes available a large number of past issues of various papers, magazines, and journals which are all searchable. You can also find data on specific studies that the church has conducted of various trends and membership issues and attitudes.

EllenWhite.org is an official website of the Ellen G White Estate, which has been entrusted to manage the writings of Mrs. White. Here you can search an online database of her writings for free, and gain clarity on the statements of her critics and how to respond to them. You can also get information on programs with databases of material written by Ellen White that you can install on Mac or Windows, or on your iOS or Android handset. Ellen White apps in a wide variety of languages can be found through the app store on your smartphone.