Seventh-day Adventist values are rooted in the revelation of God provided through the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ. Our sense of identity and calling grows from an understanding of Bible prophecies, especially those concerning the time immediately preceding the return of Jesus. Consequently all of life becomes a growing experience and demonstration of involvement with God and His kingdom.

Our sense of mission is driven by the realization that every person, regardless of circumstances, is of infinite value to God and thus deserving of respect and dignity. Through God’s grace every person is gifted for and needed in the diverse activities of the church family.

Our respect for diversity, individuality and freedom is balanced by regard for community. We are one--a worldwide family of faith engaged in representing the reign of God in our world through ethical conduct, mutual regard, and loving service. Our faithfulness to God involves commitment to and support of His body, the church.

This statement was approved and voted by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Executive Committee at the Annual Council in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, October 10, 2004.