Anyone in a position of leadership must possess basic leadership qualities. This holds true for church leaders like you. These qualities are essential for being a good leader. In this editorial, I would like to emphasize just one quality: good communication.

In my opinion, good communication is crucial and vital in any kind of leadership environment. Good leaders are good communicators. There’s no mystery here. The best leaders are first-rate communicators. Their values are clear and solid, and what they say promotes those values. Think about it: How do the best leaders motivate and inspire their people? Through clear communication.

Have you ever experienced problems in your leadership due to the lack of effective communication? A church leader with limited communication skills is far from ideal in building a good ministry in the church. Good communication is essential not just for building good relationships with people; it also allows leaders to effectively communicate the church’s plans, goals, and vision.

Reach the World is a new church program for this quinquennium. It joins many other initiatives: Total Member Involvement, Revival and Reformation, Mission to the Cities, and others. As a church leader, you are key in promoting these plans and strategies to your congregation, and this will be almost impossible without a good communication method.

Words are the most valuable tools in a leader’s toolbox. Words can motivate the languid, encourage the disheartened, strengthen the weary, bring hope out of darkness, establish relationships, give direction to the confused, bring understanding to the ignorant, and promote ideas to everyone. A good leader has learned to wield words gracefully and effectively. This skill is not intrinsic to our nature; it is one that needs to be learned. Learning how to resolve misunderstandings, convey ideas correctly, mediate disputes, and endear people to our vision are skills that are gained with time and experience. In learning how to communicate well, we must remember that our communion with God is the greatest source of all improvement we need in our spiritual life and ministry.