Philippians 3:20, 21

Most people would like to know about heaven, and many of them want to go there. Recent polls suggest that nearly 80 percent of all Americans believe there is a place called heaven. I find that statistic encouraging because it tells me that even in this skeptical age, there is something deep inside the human heart that cries out, “There must be something more!”


A. Heaven is a real place. Jesus spoke about it (John 14:1-3). Twice in three verses, Jesus calls heaven a place. He means that heaven (“my Father’s house”) is a real place, as real as New York, London, or Tokyo. The place called heaven is just as real as the place you call home. It’s a real place filled with real people, which is why the Bible sometimes compares heaven to a mansion with many rooms (John 14:1-3) and to an enormous city teeming with people (Rev. 21; 22).

B. The Bible also tells us that heaven is the dwelling place of God. His throne is there, the angels are there, and the Lord Jesus Christ is in heaven. “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body” (Phil. 3:20,21). Heaven is a real place, and it’s where Jesus is right now.


The Bible doesn’t give us much information. What we have are images and pictures of heaven and comparisons with life on earth.

What is heaven like? Here are some biblical facts about heaven. It is:

• God’s dwelling place (Ps. 33:13).

• Where Christ is today (Acts 1:11).

• The Father’s house (John 14:2).

• A city designed and built by God (Heb. 11:10).

• A better country (Heb. 11:16).

• Paradise (Luke 23:43).

Most of us have heard that heaven is a place where the streets are paved with gold, the gates are made of pearl, and the walls are made of precious jewels. These images come from Revelation 21 and 22, two chapters which offer us the most extended picture of heaven in the entire Bible.

John wrote about a street paved with gold, and I do not doubt his words. He simply reported what he saw in his vision. Thus, his words are literally true. They are also meant to tell us that the things we value so highly in this life will be used to pave the roads in heaven.

Heaven is a real place for real people. The Bible describes it as a great city filled with all of God’s people. What would such a city look like? It would be a city with:

• No pollution, for the skies would always be crystal clear.

• No crime or violence, for criminals would never enter.

• No greedy politicians, no drug pushers, and no child molesters.

• No potholes and no power outages.

It would be filled with parks, rivers, rolling meadows, and flowing streams. Flowers in constant bloom would line the streets, there would be fruit trees of every kind, and every species of plant life would grow free from pestilence and disease.

There is one other thing you won’t find in heaven. There are no cemeteries in the city God builds. Why? There are no funerals; in that glad city, no one ever dies.


The Bible doesn’t tell us everything we would like to know, but we can be sure of this: Heaven won’t be boring, and it will be more fun than the best party you’ve ever attended. I can guarantee you this: No one will be sitting around on a cloud eating grapes and polishing his or her halo. No, we’ll all be too busy for that!

Here are five things that will occupy us in heaven. We will:

• Worship without distraction.

• Serve without exhaustion.

• Fellowship without fear.

• Learn without fatigue.

• Rest without boredom.

The best part about heaven will be seeing Jesus face-to-face. We will worship the Son of God and celebrate His great victory over sin while the endless ages of eternity roll on and on. The best music you’ve ever heard will pale in comparison with the music of heaven. The most awesome worship you’ve experienced on earth is but a dim reflection of the praise we will render around the throne of God.


This is the most important question of all. Here is a wonderful truth: God has made it easy for you to go to heaven. He did the hard part when He sent His Son to die on the cross for you. He paid the price for your sins so that you could one day stand before God in heaven. Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6). He also said, “I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved” (John 10:9, NASB). Jesus is not only the way to heaven; He is also the door to heaven. If you want to go to heaven, you’ve got to go through the door marked “Jesus Christ.” There is no other entrance.

What we need is solid ground on which to stand. And we have it in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

One of our most beloved hymns puts it this way: “My hope is built on nothing less / Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness; / I dare not trust the sweetest frame, / But wholly lean on Jesus’ name. / On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand; / All other ground is sinking sand; / All other ground is sinking sand.”1

That song says it all. If you want to go to heaven, you must base your hope on the solid rock of Jesus’ blood and righteousness. Are you standing on the Rock today? Are you wholly leaning on Jesus’ name?


No one goes to heaven by accident. Heaven is God’s prepared place for His prepared people. We prepare for heaven, and God prepares heaven for us. I’ve already told you that most people believe in heaven, and most people think they are going there. But are they on the right road? Are they building their lives on Jesus Christ, the solid Rock? Too many, I fear, are standing on sinking sand and do not know it

What is your hope for heaven? Mine is Jesus Christ. What about you? Put your trust in Jesus. Run to the cross. Stand with your full weight on the solid Rock of our salvation. May God help you to trust in Jesus Christ and Him alone for your salvation. And may God grant that we will all meet one day in heaven.

1 Edward Mote, The Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal, 522.