“We are asking God for something big. We think this is a special opportunity for us and we are dreaming, praying and motivating our people to share more than 30 million books in 2012.”
Erton Carlos Kohler, President | South American Division

“This is a very important project and in our division we are supporting and endorsing it. We are asking God to give us five million copies so that we can give them to the people as soon as we launch the project.”
Alberto C. Gulfan, President | Southern Asia-Pacific Division

“The Great Controversy Project provides our members in the North American Division and around the world the opportunity to give hope to other people.”
Daniel R. Jackson, President | North American Division

“I strongly believe that The Great Controversy Project is a God-sent initiative. This is what we need as a church because we are living in the end times.”
Paul S. Ratsara, President | Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

“I will counsel the people from our church to read or reread The Great Controversy again to of course share it with a friend. Europe has many cultures and I believe that this book must go to all people.”
Bruno R. Vertallier, President | Euro-Africa Division

“This book is telling us that we are living in the last days and that we need to be prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our division is going to print millions of copies to distribute to the people in our territory.”
Jairyong Lee, President | Northern Asia-Pacific Division

“I believe this book contains the message that the world needs to hear just before the second coming of Jesus. By carrying out this project we are fulfilling the prophecy of Sister White that this book needs to go to the public.”
Israel Leito, President | Inter-American Division

“This project is very important for our world church and we are inciting our membership of 2.7 million to give out two copies each making a total distribution of over 5 million copies.”
Blasious M. Ruguri, President | East-Central Africa Division

“Right in the very heart of the Seventh-day theology is the concept of the great controversy between good and evil. With this project God has commissioned that we can have a part in His victory by sharing the good news.”
Barry D. Oliver, President | South Pacific Division

“We have 1.5 million members in our division and we want to use every member from our church to distribute one book to their neighbor or friend.”
John Rathinaraj, President | Southern Asia Division

“I think this project is a good one because we need to engage our church members and put before them a book like this asking them to share it with friends and neighbors. They will certainly benefit from this and it’s going to complement the idea of revival and reformation.”
Bertil A. Wiklander, President | Trans-European Division

“In our division we want to put this wonderful book in the hands of all our members and leaders. Our goal for each church member is to deliver one copy to a friend or neighbor every month.”
Guillermo E. Biaggi, President | Euro-Asia Division

“The Great Controversy Project is a God-initiated and Godsent project. West-Central Africa Division has a membership of 900,000 and if we challenge each member to distribute ten books, we are talking 9 million already. I know that some people will give more than that, so my faith goal regarding distribution of The Great Controversy is 12 million.”
Gilbert Wari, President | West-Central Africa Division