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We live in an increasingly secular society. Postmodernism has affected the vast majority of the population. Postmoderns have a very fluid view of truth. Truth is relative to postmoderns, with no absolutes. True postmoderns can hold two or three conflicting ideas in their minds at the same time and still refer to all three as truth. Proving something to be true from Scripture means nothing to postmoderns. Their response may be something similar to: "That may be your truth, but it's not my truth." Postmoderns are suspicious of anyone who claims to have absolute truth. They don't actually believe that such a thing exists.

This can be very frustrating to Christians who hold a biblical worldview. We adhere to the reality of absolute truth as demonstrated by Scripture.

Bridging the gap

How can we bridge the gap between Christians and secular, postmodern men and women? We do it through genuine relationships.

Today's society is relationship-starved. True intimacy appears impossible to achieve. Postmoderns long to find someone who understands and accepts them unconditionally. While the previous generation sought truth, today's generation seeks intimacy and belonging. Building lasting, loving relationships with postmoderns is the key to effective evangelism.

Jesus' method is the pattern for this type of evangelism. Ellen White wrote: "Christ's method alone will bring true success. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them 'Follow Me'" (The Ministry of Healing, p. 143).

Only after postmoderns believe that you genuinely care about them will they care to know what you believe. Presenting sacred truth prior to the establishment of a quality relationship will be counterproductive. It is then that a "reaping event" designed specifically for today's generation will produce results.

Heart Quest

It is to that end that Faith for Today presents NET 2007, a reaping series for today's world. The title of the series is "Heart Quest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along."

Heart Quest is a series of 13 broadcasts with follow-up lessons designed to prepare candidates for baptism. Each night, Pastor Mike Tucker will present a contemporary, grace-oriented introduction to Christ and basic teaching of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The series will run from October 19-November 3, 2007.

Each night, Pastor Tucker will present Jesus as the fulfillment of the human heart's longing for love, meaning, and acceptance. Doctrines will be presented for their value as an aid to personal spiritual growth. Every sacred truth will be seen through the lens of the Cross.

As with previous NET meetings, local churches are urged to register as downlink sites. The new twist for this series is that owners of the HOPE satellite dish will be invited to turn their homes into downlink sites where friends, neighbors, and family members may be invited to view the broadcasts. All of the support materials available to churches will be made available to dish owners as well. Advertising materials, preparation and downlink manuals, and a visitation guide will be provided to each dish owner who registers. Nightly sermons and study guides, as well as baptismal guides, will be provided for download to a computer printer. Gift Bibles and books will be available for purchase at specially reduced rates.

Your home can become an evangelistic downlink site! Your television can be used as a tool to reach this generation for Christ. Plan now to register your church or home as a satellite downlink site for this innovative evangelistic series. Join us in reaching secular people with the news of a soon-coming Savior.

Adventist Communication Network