Chapter 10 presents Daniel praying fervently for the deliverance of his people. He is a symbol, or example, of God’s people in the end time. His anguish for Israel’s deliverance from pagan captivity is also a symbol of God’s people in the end time, waiting for their final deliverance from this sinful world.


No problem is too difficult for God. There is no trouble too great for Him to untangle. There is no suffering too complicated for Him to cure. Today you may be feeling exceptional personal pain. You may be emotionally demolished. Your life may be devastated. Your wounds may seem incurable. Open your heart to Jesus. Tell Him about all these sorrows. He is a specialist in curing broken hearts. He is a master in building palaces from the ruins in our lives. Why don’t you bow your head right now and invite Him to be your Doctor?

The evening news constantly reminds us that we live in a world that’s out of control. From the human point of view, one word summarizes the future—uncertainty. For tens of thousands of people, the future is extremely foggy.

In chapter 11, the great truths of Daniel 2, 7, 8, and 9 are repeated. He then amplifies those first chapters, giving us once more the assurance that God has not forsaken this planet’s rebellion. He is still in control. This world is still in His hands. The future is certain. Our destiny is secure. Our Pilot is taking us home!


God’s Word triumphs! God’s people triumph! God’s purposes triumph! Satan and hell’s hosts are defeated. All history moves to a great climax. The entire human race is being thrown to a final destiny. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Soon the universe will be free from the ruins of sin. Soon the unjust will be destroyed. Soon there will be no more sickness, sadness, or death. Soon songs of joy and rejoicing will resound through the universe. Soon time will extend itself to eternity. Daniel 12 is an open door for the New World.

A. Just as the three Hebrew young men entered into the flames but were personally protected by Jesus, so God’s people will “enter the flames” and go through a time of trouble at the end of time. But God will not forget them; He will reward them for their faithfulness.

The glorious event happens at the end of probation (Dan. 12:1b). It occurs in a miraculous way (Matt. 16:27; 24:30, 31).

B. Jesus’ second coming will be the most spectacular event in the history of the world. As lightning shines from east to west, so will His coming fill the sky (Matt. 24:27). Every eye will see (Rev. 1:7), every ear will hear (1 Thess. 4:16). The Earth will tremble before the powerful glory of His coming.


Wise people will have made the most intelligent choice of their lives. Instead of living for themselves, they have chosen to live to bless others. They have spent their lives sharing His love. Whatever their occupation, they are sensitive to the needs of those around them.

A. The focus of the book of Daniel is the “end time.” The stories of Daniel reveal faith, courage, and perseverance in face of difficulties and challenges. Daniel’s prophecies reveal the great prophetic events in God’s plan, showing that He is still in control.

Just before Jesus’ coming, the book of Daniel will be revealed; thousands of people will study Daniel’s prophecies in preparation for the soon return of Christ. Knowledge of the events at the end time and final days of the earth, knowledge of God’s strategies about the end time and Satan’s deceptions in the last days, will be clarified through the prophecies of Daniel. The book of Daniel has been disclosed. We are living in the end time.

B. Many people have a renewed interest in studying Daniel’s prophecies. Each prophecy is an indicator of the return of our Lord. Each one predicts the return of Christ as the end of all history. Daniel 2 ends with the kingdom of Christ—the Stone—destroying all evil empires. Daniel 7 ends with God putting things in order during the final judgment of the Earth. God’s integrity is revealed in the judgment. Mercy and justice meet at the judgment. Daniel 8 reaches the climax with the final restoration of the truth in Jesus’ coming. The entire universe is clean, and sin is defeated. God’s truth triumphs. In Daniel 11 and 12, God’s people—persecuted, opposed, and oppressed—are delivered.


The book of Daniel gratifyingly reveals an allpowerful, all-wise, and almighty God, whose words, people, and purposes will finally be victorious.

We are on the victorious side. We may turn our eyes from life’s problems to the promises of His Word. We may, by faith, see a better world where life’s problems will end. One day we will enter in the joy of His eternal presence and experience the happiness for which we were created.

Wouldn’t you like to dedicate your life today to Christ who has the world in His hands?

Contributed by the South American Division.