Editor's file

1. Emphasis on the presence of the Holy Spirit

Dear Heavenly Father,

In this moment we bow before You in humble supplication. We understand that without You we can do nothing. So we pray for the special gift of the Holy Spirit today.

Come, Holy Spirit, Counselor and Defender.

Come as wind to clear our thick clouds of ignorance and unbelief that the eyes of our hearts may see without confusion your glory and your will for our lives.

Come as fire; make us shine with eagerness and joy as we obey your command to make disciples of all nations.

Come with eloquence for our tongues that we may be articulate witnesses to those before whom you would have us testify concerning the grace and glory of God Almighty.

Come with power, energizing our hearts with holy boldness so that we dare to display your love before anyone and everyone.

Come with your holy gifts of ministry so that as one body we can speak and interpret, discern and teach, heal and bless in the spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Come with blessing, so filling our souls with abundance that we delight to share our resources as freely and generously as did our ancestors in faith so long ago.

Come, renew us, transform us, train us and send us so that we can become vessels of your life-giving love, for Jesus' sake. Amen.

2. For Christmas season

Dear Lord Most Longed For,

To you, the mender of time and fulfiller of hopes, we lift the dreams and yearnings of our hearts. To you we offer the wisps of hopes we may not dare speak before others: We dream of being more than we now appear stronger, wiser, truer, more accomplished.

You alone know our true potential.

You alone imagine the rich possibilities held within your will for us. Help us recognize and realize the goals to which you draw us.

From you come all good deeds and all worthy aspirations. But we confess that not all our desires for the future are either good or worthy.

We are the sort of people who can imagine revenge and long for it.

We can imagine winning great wealth and spending it on bloated luxury. 

We can imagine getting the better of someone in business and find ourselves thirsting for the fiscal blood of our competitors.

This Advent season, fit us with new dreams.

In this season of hope and fresh beginnings, kindle our desire to soothe the wounded world with your gospel.

Fire us with a passion for justice, a commitment to mercy and a burning desire to work for reconciliation among those whose lives we are able to touch.

Supply us with both motive and means to fulfill your vision of what our lives are meant to be.

Let our obedience mirror that of Jesus, who though he was one with you, refused to seize his rightful status at the expense of your people's salvation.

Consecrate our dreams, that with all our heart and mind and strength we may honor you, now and forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

3. Spiritual heritage and witness

Our Heavenly Father, God of History and Hope,

How good you have been to us, how generous to generations yet unborn!

You have given us great leaders and examples of faith and commitment.

We thank you for the witness of our mothers and fathers in faith, past and present.

In every time and place, you have raised up men and women whose devotion and integrity inspired others to allow you.

Thank you for the witness of prophets and apostles; for Mary, the first to proclaim the Good News of your resurrection; for Priscilla and Aquila, who opened their home as a center of mission and ministry.

We thank you for the millions of disciples whose names are known only to you, who led their children, their neighbors and their friends to follow you in faith.

Thank you for the courageous reformers and pioneers of the church, for Luther, Calvin, Wesley, William Miller, Ellen G. White, and other messengers you have sent to guide your people

Thank you for the sacrificial love of those missionaries who have served the sick, the wounded, the hungry and the dying.

We praise you for the acts of grace and mercy you accomplished through those men and women dedicated to preach the Gospel of Jesus.

Give us the desire and the steadfast faith to be your willing witnesses, your helping hands, in the places where we live and work.

Continue the great Adventist heritage of faith through our children and our children's children.

Work through us and through them so that many may come to know the power of your love and we can be ready for the great day of the coming of Jesus, our Savior.

We pray through Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you for ever and ever. Amen.