Robert H. Pierson, was former president of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Devotional 3


To emphasize that truly Christian education prepares young people to be like Christ in this life and to be with Christ in the life to come.

Colossians 3:10,11: To have one all-consuming passion, one goal; to be new men and women, born again in Christ Jesus.

Thoughts to be developed:

1. Our education greatly influences the place Christ occupies in our lives.

a. What our school emphasizes influences us.
b. Only a truly Christian education emphasizes Christ,
c. Only a truly Christian education leads youth to Christ.

2. Christ must be in the hearts of our teachers and school administrators.

3. Christ must be in the hearts of those who support the schoolparents and patrons.

4. Christ must be in our school curriculum.

5. Christ must be in the social and recreational activities of our schools.

6. Professional excellence to be maintained without sacrificing Christian principles.

Supporting Scriptures:
Job 27:11 (margin); Isaiah 28:26; Jeremiah 9:23, 24.

Spirit of Prophecy and Other Helps:
See E. G. White Index and S.D.A. Commentaries for comments on Scripture references. See also: CT 90-Education affects this life and eternity; CT 37-The key that opens heavenly portals; CT 17-Folly to seek education without Christ; Ed 13-Our concept of education too narrow; 4T 419-Staff must love and fear God; 4T 419- Teachers exert great influence; 4T 428-Parents give ear to students' complaints; 4T 429-Parents to put selves in teachers' place; CT 64-Education more than certain course of study; FE 534-Lining up with the world; 5T 21- Study of Scriptures first; 5T 11-Religious interests always guarded; 3T 160- Truth best appreciated by intellectual Christians; Ed 225-Do not ignore scholarship.

Use illustrations from your own experience about Christian Education.

That Christ be in the faculty, the curriculum, the parents and patrons, the social and recreational activities of the school.