Standing in front of his Cambodian congregation in central California, Pastor Sophat Sorn’s Sabbath sermon was suddenly interrupted. An unknown woman [who we’ll call Mrs. K.] had just walked in, surrounded by several relatives.

The church members responded with typical hospitality, saying, “Come up to the pulpit and tell us who you are!”

With great emotion, Mrs. K. began: “I’ve been praying to God that I could meet the speaker of the radio programs that I’ve been listening to for three years. I live in Massachusetts, but I’ve wanted to come see you for a long, long time.”

Mrs. K. had been tuning in to Adventist World Radio’s Cambodian podcasts—hosted by Pastor Sorn—and they filled her with such joy that she started recording the programs to share with her friends. She told them, “This is the true Sabbath!”

At her age, Mrs. K. was not highly technical. She didn’t have a computer or many tools to capture the programs. But she used an old VCR recorder to faithfully record the episodes and send them at her own expense to friends in Massachusetts and Cambodia.

On this weekend, she was visiting her daughter in southern California. She asked, “Daughter, can you take me to see the pastor?”

Her daughter opened a map and said, “Mom, even if we start now—6 a.m.—the service will already be finished.”

Mrs. K. replied, “Daughter, I have prayed for a long time. If I only meet with the preacher for five or 10 minutes, that’s ok with me.”

Pastor Sorn says, “Isn’t that amazing faith? I could see the power of the Holy Spirit at that moment. He’s working with people one by one, inspiring them to share the gospel and multiply.”

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Shelley Nolan Freesland is Adventist World Radio Communication director at the General Conference world headquarters.